Health Benefits of Sex: 10 More Reasons to Get It On

Sex is awesomebut you’re not having it enough.

You are looking for reasons to convince your partner to have more sex.

Your body craves sex. You know it’s good for you, but you don’t know why.

Here is a list of healthy reasons to get busy in bed tonight.

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Is Sex Good for Your Health?

Studies have shown that physical intimacy with a partner can improve your emotional and physical health.

For example, intimate physical contact releases oxytocin, which has been shown to:

  • Improve moods
  • Reduce stress levels; and
  • Promote healing
health benefits of having sex

10 Health Benefits of Having Sex

Dr. Oz came out and told the world his advice for couples in quarantine was to have sex.

Why did he give this advice? 

Because physical intimacy with a partner can help:

  • Boost your immune system
  • Strengthen your relationship; and
  • Relieve tension

If this is true, why haven't we talked about the health benefits of sex for females?

Let's look at the benefits in the rest of this article.

#1: Sex Can Help Boost Your Immune System

Sex allows the body to create antibodies to fight against bacteria and viruses.

A study published in Psychological Reports found that people who had sex once or twice per week had a 30 percent increase in IgA (an antibody) compared to those who don’t.

This research suggests that frequent physical intimacy may help boost the immune system.

Yvonne K. Fulbright, Ph.D., and sexual health expert said, "...sexually active people take fewer sick days."

Dr. Fulbright found physical intimacy is one of the best ways to improve your immune system.

So if you're trying to stay healthy right now, being intimate with your partner could be a good way to do that.

#2: Sex Can Help Increase Your Sex Drive

When you have sex with a partner, your body and brain release “feel-good hormones” that encourage you to have more physical intimacy with that partner.

It's kind of a fun cycle to experience because sex boosts your libido.

Your body keeps telling you to have sex again.

So if you're looking for ways to increase your physical intimacy, it may sound ironic, but have more sex.

#3: Sex Can Help Boost Bladder Control for Women

During sex, we're constantly releasing and contracting those vaginal muscles — very similar movement when doing Kegal exercises.

So, the more you have sex, the more muscle control you have, which is important for women as we age due to:

  • Having babies in different stages of life
  • Experiencing menopause; and
  • Incontinence (when you giggle and a couple of dribbles come out)

By keeping those muscles strengthened, it's going to happen less frequently.

Now you have a choice: Will you have sex? Or do your Kegels?

health benefit of regular sex

#4: Sex Can Help Lower Your Blood Pressure

Having sex is one of the best exercises for your heart and can help lower your blood pressure.

The physical activity involved in sex helps to ...

  • Keep your heart rate up
  • Improve cardiovascular health overall; and
  • Relieve stress and tension

... which can also lead to better blood pressure control.

A 2016 study found that older women, who were satisfied with their sex lives, were more likely to have lower blood pressure levels than those who were not.

That's great news.

We all need to make sure that we're keeping our blood pressure under control, especially as we age.

Also, if you're dealing with other health issues, the best "medicine" is to have sex.

#5: Sex Can Count as Exercise

You've heard it here first — having sex with a partner counts as exercise.

It counts as movement, although few people are having moderate to intense movement and intense heart exercise when they're having sex.

There are even programs that teach people about the benefits of sex, including exercises that can help people get in shape. 

Sex burns calories like no other activity, so incorporating it into your daily routine can help you reach your goals faster.

Generally, the average person burns about three to four calories every one minute of sex, and the average physical intimacy with a partner session is six minutes.

That's not a lot of calories, but it does count as physical movement for your body. 

Keeping things fun and exciting is key.

#6: Sex Can Be Great for Heart Health

Although we touched on this when discussing blood pressure — sex with a partner is good for heart health because it counts as exercise.

When you're increasing your heart rate, you're exercising your heart.

Regular physical intimacy, found within a happy, monogamous relationship, is linked with lower rates of:

  • Heart disease
  • Stroke; and
  • Death from related causes

Having sex can even help reduce stress levels, which have been shown to increase the risk of heart disease.

So not only is sex good for your heart physically, but it can also be good for your heart emotionally.

#7: Sex Can Help Block Pain Receptors

Research has shown that sex with a partner can block our pain receptors.

For instance, if you are:

  • Feeling pleasure
  • Having an orgasm; or
  • Reaching climax

... it can block pain receptors in our body.

Some studies have shown that physical intimacy has blocked:

  • Back pain
  • Leg pain
  • Cramps; and
  • Headaches

So if you're in pain, try to have sex with a partner and see if it helps.

Be careful though. You don't want anybody getting hurt.

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sex health benefits

#8: Sex May Reduce the Risk of Prostate Cancer in Men

The Journal of the American Medical Association found that regular ejaculation for men may make prostate cancer less likely.

Now, there's a catch for this.

The study found that a man must ejaculate 21 times a month, which is almost once every day — either through masturbation or intercourse.

So men, maybe it's worth a try, but if you don't want to put the effort in, it's an interesting study nonetheless.

#9: Sex Can Help Improve Sleep

It's no surprise that sex can improve your sleep.

You may wonder, "How does that happen?"

Physical intimacy allows your body to release a hormone called oxytocin

When it is released, oxytocin helps you feel relaxed and sleepy.

Oftentimes, our minds are racing, and we're just too excited to get some rest. 

However, intimate touch from your partner can help calm the mind and body, leading to a restful sleep.

So, if you are feeling restless, see if your partner wants to be intimate and you might go right to bed. Touching your partner gently before bed can help you drift off to sleep more peacefully.

#10: Sex Can Help Ease Stress and Tension

When two bodies collide in passion, the result is often a release of built-up stress and tension.

It's why sex is one of the most efficient ways to release oxytocin, which is sometimes called the "cuddle hormone."

Oxytocin can reduce stress and promote relaxation:

  • During orgasm
  • During physical intimacy; and
  • During sexual intercourse with a partner

Interestingly enough, some studies have even shown that people who are physically intimate with their partners are less likely to develop depression or anxiety.

Physical intimacy is one of the best ways to improve your mental health.

When you feel close to someone, it's easier to cope with stress and negative emotions than when you're feeling distant or alone.

So if you're looking for a way to improve your overall health and happiness, consider investing in some quality time with your partner.

health benefits of sex

How Often Should You Have Sex to Experience Health Benefits?

There is no magic number for how often you should have sex with your partner, according to Mary Andres, a professor at the University of Southern California.

Instead, physically intimate partners should consider various factors when making that decision, such as:

  • Physical health
  • Mutual interest; and
  • Compatibility

However, if you want to reap all the health benefits of regluar sex, it seems like physical intimacy should be a part of your relationship at least once per week.

Whether you feel like physically connecting with your partner every day is up to you. However, making time for intimacy every week can have a positive impact on your overall health.

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