The Benefits of Evening Primrose Oil


Medically Reviewed by Dr. Melissa Thompson, PT, DPT, MTC

Dr. Thompson is board certified and the owner of Louisiana Pelvic Health. Her expertise is in alleviating bladder, bowel, and sexual pain symptoms during pregnancy, postpartum, and throughout a woman's life. 


Evening Primrose is a favorite among herbalists and naturopathic doctors for treating a wide variety of female health issues like PMS, endometriosis, inflammation, and pain. It's a very effective oil (that also comes in easy-to-take capsules) beneficial for the body in many ways.

Evening Primrose contains GLA (gamma-linolenic acid) which is a precursor to the body's anti-inflammatory compounds PGE-2 and COX-2. Inflammation is the root cause of pain and disease. If you are able to rid your body of inflammation and toxins, chances are you'll be much healthier and feel better.

For a female health issue like Endometriosis, inflammation from the disease is a factor in creating much of the pain and swelling. As a natural anti-inflammatory supplement that mimics the body's own anti-inflammatory responses, Evening Primrose can be very effective at decreasing the amount of inflammation and pain in the body.

It is an unsaturated fatty acid that has been used to relieve PMS symptoms, breast cysts, menstrual cramps, and endometriosis. It is also said to help stop bleeding.

Naturalists believe Evening Primrose is much more powerful than treating only feminine health issues and it has been used to guard against coronary heart disease and may encourage the regeneration of liver cells that have been harmed by alcohol.

Side note - no amount of oil can ever reverse long-term liver damage from alcohol use nor should it be considered an option to fix your body after a late night out.

It is also used to treat skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and brittle nails.

Evening Primrose is created by extracting oil from seeds of the plant. It is available in a capsule form (like your typical pill) and in a liquid for use on the skin.

For me personally, I've been taking one capsule every night for over a year and have noticed a positive impact in reducing my Endometriosis pain. When I am out of Evening Primrose oil, my body feels the difference.

Of course before adding any supplement into your daily regimen, make sure to consult with a health care professional.

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Info for Evening Primrose Oil came from the following book. I'd highly recommend it for additional learning on herbs for women's health: Hobbs, Christopher, and Kathi Keville. Women's Herbs, Women's Health. Summertown, TN: Botanica, 2007. Print.


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