The Chemical-Free Movement

Every day our bodies come into contact with thousands of chemicals, not only through the air, but in the foods we consume, the makeup we wear, and even the deodorant we put under our arms. It is estimated that the human body comes into contact with over 500 chemicals daily leaving our bodies toxic and overly acidic.

Chemicals are disguised using all sorts of names like Methyl, Glycol, and Sulfate. Most of which are found in the common beauty products sold to the general public as safe or “natural". There is nothing natural about any chemicals, synthetic fragrance, or synthetic colors as they are all created in a lab and definitely not found in nature.

The skin is our largest organ, and what we put on our skin matters. It absorbs everything – even toxic chemicals that can do damage to the body long term.

The female anatomy is amazing and extremely sensitive. Our nether regions are literally a pathway into our internal body. It’s important that we use the purest form of personal moisturizer on the market. Adding chemicals to our lady parts is not only unhealthy to ourselves but potentially to our partners as well.

When looking for a personal lubricant for daily use due to dryness or other health reasons (i.e. post-menopause or prepping for pregnancy), it’s essential to look at the ingredients list to ensure the product is 100% chemical-free. No solvents, bleach, binding agents, silicone, preservatives, sulfates, alcohol, and other toxins. Just using one chemical-free product is a step in the right direction of eliminating potentially harmful, unnecessary chemicals from your life.

Ideally the personal moisturizer will also be made from natural, earth-derived ingredients. Chiavaye is 100% natural and luxurious – made with nothing but nature’s best oils. So not only is it completely safe and chemical-free, but it also provides lasting hydration that soothes and protects your most delicate skin … all day or night long.

Chiavaye is also non-toxic and edible, making it safe for you and your partner.

So get out there, check over the product labels and make sure you’re not putting harsh chemicals on your gorgeous skin. You deserve the best!

Live. Laugh. Lube.  




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