What to eat when you have endometriosis?

It's no shock that diet plays a huge role in overall wellness. That's especially true if you have endometriosis or any other type of inflammation related disease. It is possible to eat your way to health... and this video will help you get started! Betsy Tadder is an Integrative Health Coach who has been working with women for years on how to be healthier and fight back against their endometriosis.

"I believe all disease, no matter what it is, starts with inflammation."

In this video we dive into everything food on how to get started on an inflammation reducing diet. Betsy breaks down the three main food groups that can wreak havoc on our bodies and cause high amounts of inflammation: sugar, wheat, and dairy.

What's wrong with cow's milk?

A lot actually. And we discuss cow vs. goat or sheep's milk, why whole wheat is NOT good for the body, and how to avoid added sugar.

The video also covers other areas of health like water intake, vitamin D, dental health, leaky gut, and supplements.

If you have endometriosis, are wondering how to get started on a whole food diet, or are curious about how food intake impacts our overall health, then this video is for you!


Interested in working with Betsy? Shoot her an email at holisticallyspeaking14@gmail.com

Full disclosure: I worked with Betsy years before I started Chiavaye and found her to be incredibly helpful and encouraging for my holistic fight against endometriosis. Betsy and Chiavaye are NOT in any paid sponsorship or collaboration. We just love her work, her approach, and wanted to share her expertise with other women.

Send your questions to info@Chiavaye.com.

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