How to help endometriosis pain?

It's a common question since endo can be tough, painful, and frustrating. Finding a good routine of healthy eating (free from inflammation causing foods) and a regular exercise program (think yoga, light cardio, and some stretching) can have a huge impact in reducing your monthly discomfort. 

Chiavaye was founded by a woman with stage four endometriosis! So we totally understand and support our Endo Gals around the world! Click the link to read about her story and how she is beating the disease naturally after saying NO to a THIRD surgery.

Dr. Brianne Grogan, PT, DPT specializes in working with women who suffer from pelvic floor issues and chronic pain. She has an amazing YouTube channel (FemFusion Fitness) that features tons of *FREE* videos on exercises, yoga, and feminine wellness. She also wrote a book titled Lady Bits that is fun, upbeat, and provides a wealth of information for female care!

We interviewed Dr. Bri all the way from Germany to find out a few exercises that can help reduce those moments of harsh endometriosis pain. They are simple and some of the exercises can be performed on a heating pad! Which is a double bonus for those of us who are all too familiar with chronic endo pain.

Exercise, Breathing, and Movement are essential!

What does the video cover? Dr. Bri explores the right way to breathe for pain and discomfort, the butterfly stretch, hip circles, and the benefits of yoga and walking for endometriosis pain. It's well worth the watch!


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 **Chiavaye and Dr. Brianne Grogan are NOT in any sponsorship or paid advertising collaboration. We simply believe in her work, expertise, and want to share her free content with as many women as possible.**