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For Sex:

Chiavaye has a smooth/natural feel, and I like knowing that I am not putting on any chemicals. I like their container as other lube seems to dribble down the bottle making a mess in my drawers. Since it is all-natural, I also use it to take off my mascara. Haha. I figure if it can’t hurt my private parts, then it can’t hurt my eyes. One tip – put into a smaller bottle for vacations. Husband likes it! Way better than drugstore brands!

As a Clinical Sexologist, I'm very picky when it come to the personal lubricants I choose to use. When I found Chiavaye, I was thrilled to learn that it's all natural. I suffer from chronic BV and it's very important that my lubricant be as pure as possible. I personally use Chiavaye as my personal lubricant and suggest my clients do as well to aid in vaginal dryness, painful sex, and it also provides my clients peace of mind that they know exactly what they're putting into their bodies.

I cannot get over how natural this feels. Most lubricants don't last or they make me itch/burn. This stuff is the real deal. A little goes a long way and it works great as an after-sex lotion as well. Get yourself a bottle!!

Loving Chiavaye! Got it just before the July 4th weekend and we had a GREAT weekend ;) ;) Love the fact that it's all-natural. I can use it for a lube or even in my frizzy hair or as a hydrating lotion for my hands and cracked knuckles and obviously daily lady dryness. Very versatile and healthy to boot!

Seriously, I'd say we've tried just about everything and they all seemed to have a "sticky icky" factor. With Chiavaye, that's not the case whatsoever. We love it and it simply outperforms other options on the market.

This stuff is amazing! You're definitely onto something!

I am absolutely in love with Chiavaye!!! I am into all natural products for my body and this is by far a favorite of mine now. I would 100% purchase again. Great for pleasure and feels better than any personal lubricants I have used before. I also use this product on my face and hair!! All around great product. 

Chiavayeis legit! All other lubes we've used, we had to reapply. But with Chiavayeyou stay good for the whole time. Such a better product and obviously higher quality!

When it comes to using things in "sensitive" areas, I always look for the best quality out there. ChiavayeOil is by far the best I have found. It is a great value as well, the bottle we buy last us around 2-3 months, making it the same price as those cheaper lesser quality lubes on the market (not to mention they don't last very long and you have to keep applying).

So I finally used this Chiavayeoil last night. IT WAS AMAZING!!! Even my husband was like "holy sh**!!" It was a baby making day yesterday, so all fingers and toes crossed. Woooo! I also shared it yesterday on my Snapchat and Instagram story.

Absolutely LOVE this product! Chiavaye is a high-quality lube that not only made my skin moisturized and conditioned, it completely protects the delicate/sensitive area. I have tried many other lubes to only be disappointed when they turned into a sticky mess after just a few minutes AND took a small chunk out of my wallet. I am allergic to what seems like the world (haha) so the quality grade of oils and chemicals Chiavaye has chosen to use has made a huge difference in my relationship and personal health. Hands down, my partner even mentioned that this is by far his favorite lube out of the many we have tried adding that, "we WILL be buying more when we run out!" I normally do not review products very often but I cannot give enough praise to this company! Thank you for ACTUALLY being a high-quality product that is affordable!!

This oil is amazing. It's long lasting and not sticky! Since it's all natural, it feels really nice to use and doesn't build up. It's great for sex, but also just awesome for your skin and hair! So glad I purchased this. I'll be buying this again.

For Menopause:

Chiavaye is excellent! It has a silky feel and does a good job of hydrating my perineal area and post-menopausal dryness. Chiavaye has a silky feel, not sticky or greasy, so it provides natural moisture. I apply it after I shower and before sex. Much better than any other product I have tried. -Dr. Wendy Kendig, MD-

I've had this product for over a week now and can say that I absolutely love it. I'm using it daily, after I shower, and have noticed it helps with those pesky issues us menopausal age women experience. I was afraid it would be oily and feel greasy like other products I've used. This one is so smooth and doesn't feel like you've "added" anything to your skin. No residue on panties or clothes. Partner likes it for other reasons too!

Love this product! This moisturizer makes sense and works well...fantastic idea and product!

For Endometriosis:

I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS PRODUCT SO MUCH!! I also have Endometriosis & have always had painful sex which leads to a lot of personal battles with yourself & for the partner. I am also trying to conceive & having this next to our bed has made this become love again! Big fan for any Endo sister!

My husband and I are currently trying to start a family. It's taking some time as I have stage 4 Endometriosis. At some points it can be more of a duty then something fun. Chiavaye is helping to make it fun again on those days where the jobs needs to get done!  

I left a really general review on amazon but I just want to say: this is truly amazing. It doesn't feel gross to use or leave residue. I almost think I'm more relaxed about sex because I know it's natural! I've overcome a lot of negative experiences with sex due to Endometriosis pain and using this oil helps even more! Also, both times I've used it I haven't had residual pain the next day from sex like I have in the past. Thank you!

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