Chiavaye Featured On Buzzfeed As Product To Help With Painful Sex

We are thrilled to announce that Chiavaye was featured on the popular news site Buzzfeed

The articles title: Sex Is Painful For Me, These 9 Things Helped, is a breakdown on 9 products that have helped writer Lara Parker with her vaginismus, vulvodynia, and endometriosis. 

Chiavaye is featured as her go-to lube and personal moisturizer along with 8 other high quality products she uses.

Lara had this to say about Chiavaye, "Lube is everything! I literally cannot imagine being intimate without lube nor would I ever want to. This particular lube is made for sensitive skin, is vegan, and oh yeah... was created by a woman who has endometriosis... It's good stuff and have never left me feeling worse off."

Here are three of Lara's favorites (besides Chiavaye) from her list:

1. Vaginal Dilators

These are great for slowly teaching the vaginal muscles to expand. They come in a variety of sizes so that the muscles readjust on your time. You can get a set of vaginal dilators on Amazon for $29.95.

2. CBD Vaginal Suppositories

CBD suppositories can help wiht managing pain during menstration and sex. They can really help with any burning, aching and pain you feel during intimacy. We recommend trying Foria Wellness suppositories if you are interested.

3.  Wearable Intimates

Oh Nut was created by a woman who has painful intimacy, just like our founder Kaylyn. This product helps control insertion to limit pain during intercourse. They deem it a "friendly buffer to explore comfortable penetration depths". If you are interested you can check it out on

To explore Lara's entire written blog and the other products listed check out her blog on Buzzfeed here.

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