Using A Lube While Trying To Conceive: Everything You Need To Know

So you want to make a baby? Great! Now comes the fun part. Well maybe... trying to conceive can be a frustrating goal for many couples, and often ends up feeling more like a chore than fun.

Using a lubricant while trying to conceive is incredibly helpful.

Why? Because lube frees up the pressure for BOTH parties and creates a much more pleasurable experience. This may not matter to you after two baby making attempts, but when you're on the 18th one of your ovulation week -- you might feel differently. Lubricant creates a natural moisture that can reduce friction and discomfort for sensitive vaginal skin. Not all lubes are created equal.

What is conception friendly lubricant?

Most lubricants are packed with chemicals and ingredients that can actually prevent your guy's swimmers from doing their job. Conception friendly lubricant works WITH your body in a variety of ways (depending on the brand) to create an optimal environment for your body to accept sperm.

Which lubricants are sperm-friendly?

Most lubricants made especially for conceiving will tell you right on the packaging. They'll use terms like "Sperm-Friendly" or  "TTC" which stands for Trying To Conceive. You'll want to make sure the lube you choose is pH balanced, like Chiavaye, as it's an important factor when trying to make a baby. Finding an all-natural or organic lubricant is also great if you're worried about chemicals or toxins being absorbed into your body through the vaginal skin. Remember, vaginal skin is highly mucosal and absorbent.

What is Pre Seed Lubricant?

Pre-Seed Fertility Friendly Lubricant is not an all-natural lube, but the company says, "Pre-Seed mimics fertile cervical mucus in its pH, ion concentration and consistency. It allows your guy's sperm to swim freely, and make their way to your eggs." Check it out and see if it's right for you.

Can lubricant affect conception?

There is some evidence that certain ingredients, chemicals, and acidic content can prevent sperm from doing their job. It's also been stated that an incredibly thick lubricant, like a gel or dense silicone, can make it difficult for sperm to travel. Ideally you'll want a very pure, natural lubricant with minimal ingredients (not chemicals) or opt for one of the conception-friendly lubricants made especially for couples trying to get pregnant.

Is coconut oil sperm friendly?

Ahhh, good ole coconut oil has become a popular resource for many! While coconut oil alone doesn't provide the full spectrum of nourishment that vaginal skin needs, it's still very hydrating and will not harm sperm. We use coconut oil in Chiavaye as one of our six all-natural ingredients.

Is lubricant bad for sperm?

Yes and no. As you've read above, there are some lubricants that won't help you in your efforts to get pregnant. They're either packed full of ingredients that are harmful to sperm or are not made up of the right consistency or pH. Do your research, read the product labels, find a lubricant that is sperm-friendly, and then test it out to see if it works for you. Every human body is different, so what works for one person may not for another.

Is water-based lubricant safe when trying to conceive?

This is a tough one because there are conflicting reports with both yes and no answers. Some folks say, "water-based lubricants can cause damage to the sperm by allowing them {the sperm} to absorb too much water." But others say water-based lubricants are fine for sperm. It really comes down to the brand and ingredients they are using. Be warned though that water-based lubricant does absorb faster into the body, so you may have to reapply a couple times during the heat of the passion. And in our opinion, nothing kills passion fast like have to stop in the middle of a sesh to apply more lube.

What are some natural lubricants for conception?

Of course we are biased and think you will love Chiavaye! You can read our customer reviews to see why. But if you're looking for another option, Sliquid has a great lineup of natural and organic lubricants in all varieties.

Enjoy the process

That may be easier said than done, but one of the best ways to make a baby is to let go of the stress and pressure -- and just enjoy the moment with your partner. When our bodies are stressed and anxious, cortisol levels increase, and that helps no one. Set the mood, turn on some music, laugh, and just see what happens. Oh, and don't forget your lube.

We'd love to hear from you! Share your favorite conception-friendly lube below. #livelaughlube

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