Chiavare Questions: How Do I Use Chiavare?

Chiavare makes a great lube for sex, but it's so much more! If you have dryness or irritation due to menopause -- put some Chiavare on it! If you have burning, chaffing, pain during intercourse, or any other issue that us women sometimes face -- put some Chiavare on it! If you're pregnant and want to reduce stretching or tearing -- use Chiavare! You can even put Chiavare on your skin and hair for an all-natural moisturizer!

What separates Chiavare from the competition is the 6 natural ingredients that provide holistic nourishment to your most delicate skin. We use grapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, coconut oil, almond oil, evening primrose oil, and vitamin E. All of our ingredients are 100% non-toxic, edible, vegan, and totally pure! Check out our blog series on each of these ingredients and why they're so vital for female health.

By using Chiavare, customers are reporting better sex and more comfort throughout the day. Plus, Chiavare is reducing pesky symptoms from menopause and Endometriosis. It's such a versatile product and is made for women in every cycle of life. You can read more about what our Chiavare Family is saying here.

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