Super Healthy, Energy Boosting Juice Recipe

This green juice packs a powerful punch! Loaded with vital nutrients and minerals that not only support a healthy immune system, but also your skin, digestion, and overall well-being.

Juicing is a quick and easy way to maximize the health benefits of vegetables, roots, and fruit. Think of it this way, how often are you going to eat handfuls of greens, carrots, radish, cucumber, ginger, kale, parsley, or cabbage all in one day? With juicing it's like a shot of goodness to your body. That's how one nutrition coach explained it to me. When we go to the doctor and we get a shot (yes, the painful needles that hurt) of medicine or a vaccine that is a massive dose to our bodies. A similar thought can be applied to juicing. Boom - all that happiness of loads of veggies in a few gulps!

If you're worried about fiber intake, fear not. This juice recipe has 9 grams of fiber! Most vegetables and fruit contain insoluble fiber which is hard for our bodies to break down. Juicing removes that process and makes it easier for the body to benefit from all the nutritious content.

Not all juicers are created equal though, and if you're new to juicing read about the difference between masticating juicers and centrifugal juicers. In my opinion and from the research I've personally done, I believe a masticating juicer is the best way to go in terms of providing the best health benefits from your homemade juice. I use the Omega 8006 juicer and love it!!

Now without further blabber, here is a delicious recipe that will put a pep in your step! Feel free to add more radish or ginger if you like a spicier juice.

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Recipe taken from one of my most favorite raw food cookbooks: Cornbleet, Jennifer. Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People. Summertown, TN: Book, 2012. Print. Revised.


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