The Best Sex Lube For Sensitive Skin ALWAYS Considers These 5 Things

In a world full of products with harmful ingredients, the last place that you want to put something potentially toxic is near your vagina. 

I can’t think of many things that would kill the mood faster than burning, irritated vaginal tissue caused by having a bad reaction to a particular lube.

This guide shares why you might want to consider sex lube for sensitive skin (and what science has to say about regular sex lube).

What is regular sex lube (for non-sensitive skin)?

Traditional sex lubes are made up of a host of ingredients. The packing will tell you that it was made that way to be long-lasting or even edible. 

While you may think that edible lubricant would spice up your sex life, it may have quite the opposite effect. 

Some ingredients in regular sex lubrications are known toxins.

These are ingredients that could have long-lasting negative effects on your general health (not just the health of your vagina).

Let’s take a look at the main ones to be on the lookout for.

Ingredients natural lubes avoid:

1. Parabens

Parabens are used as preservatives in products to keep bacteria and mold from developing. While they may sound like it would be a helpful feature by giving products a longer shelf-life, some women have reported genital rashes and irritated vaginal tissue.

2. Glycerin

Glycerin is another ingredient sometimes found in sex lube. This is essentially a kind of sugar alcohol but a type that the body has trouble absorbing. This is also found in many goods and when you ingest too much, you can experience side effects like diarrhea, nausea or even vomiting. 

How is it different than lube for sensitive skin?

Lubrication for sensitive skin is made by exchanging out the traditional ingredients for ones that are more universally known for being accepted by all skin types.

In addition, lubes made specifically for sensitive skin also tend to have WAY fewer ingredients. 

This can help when you are trying to decide what is the best lube for you. 

Think about it like this:

If you can’t pronounce 90% of the ingredients in your sex lube, then do you think that those ingredients are healthy for your vagina? There’s probably something in that long list of ingredients that are damaging.

On the other hand, natural sex lube has just a few ingredients. And, you probably have heard of all of them (and can pronounce them). 

Why use something that has the potential for negative side effects when there are better options that still get the same results?

Is non-sensitive sex lube REALLY safe? (even for those who don’t have sensitive skin)

While there are some mixed reviews on which ingredients are harmful and to what extent, why put something on (or in) your body that could have the potential for causing an uncomfortable side effect?

Now, there are options for safe and effective lubrication on the market so there is really no point in reverting to ones that are possibly dangerous for you. 

Even if you don’t have sensitive skin, it isn’t worth the risk of chancing a lube with any controversial ingredients in it. 

1. They have ingredients that you can pronounce

Many sex lubes on the market have a list of hidden ingredients that can have a harmful effect on your body. Even if you aren’t directly allergic to an ingredient, using some of the chemicals on your body long-term can cause harm.

A good rule of thumb when picking out lube is to buy the one where you can pronounce all of the ingredients! 

Those are the products with nothing to hide.

2. They avoid unnecessary fillers

The best lubes make sure that only the ingredients needed, to get the desired effect, are the ones that are used. 

Some lubrications use many filler ingredients that aren’t as expensive as their wholesome and natural counterparts. Try and look at the ingredients break down the list and determine what each part of the list does for your body. 

If it has no significant benefit to you, it is a filler. 

For our lubrication here at Chiavaye, we make sure that if a certain ingredient does not have an extremely important role in the outcome of product use, then we won’t put it into our products. 

You will never see a filler ingredient in anything here.

3. They avoid common allergens and irritants

A trend, in many of the products on the market right now, that can be a big irritant (and possibly toxic) are the use of fragrances and flavors in lube. 

While green apple or luscious lavender sounds great on a bottle with a pretty label, those added ingredients are artificial and not natural. 

The added parts can also increase the chance of getting vaginal infections because it can throw off the natural pH balance in the vagina.

4. They have ingredients that actually soothe & heal

Some products use chemicals like parabens to keep the bacterial count down in products. But why use a chemical, when a natural product, like coconut oil, can have the same benefits?

Look for other natural oils in products that have benefits to your body. For example, many ingredients that cause issues with women are because they irritate vaginal tissue. On the other hand, all-natural grapeseed oil has many anti-inflammatory advantages.

Coconut and grapeseed oil are both ingredients that are tried and true, and you can recognize without having to resort to google to find out what it is.

5. While the quality of the ingredients is important, they also care about the quality of the pleasure

It is great to have a list of wonderful ingredients, but it still needs to get the job done. 

While there are many natural ingredients you can find on the market that can help your body, the critical part is making sure that there is a good balance between quality and creating the desired effect. 

We think that we struck gold here with the perfect mixture of safe and natural ingredients, with the added side effect of helping maximize your pleasure in your sex life.  

You deserve it.

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