Is lube really necessary for sex?

Will it make a difference? Will sex feel better?

This article will share all the latest science about how sex lube impacts the quality of sex.

What is sex lube used for?

Sex lube helps during intercourse, masturbation, and oral sex. 

Reduce friction during penetration and bring that spark and fun back!

  • Reduce vaginal dryness and pain 
  • Increase pleasure 
  • Foreplay - body massages
  • Sex toys 
  • Oral Sex

Can lube actually make sex better?

Understanding how and why sex lube can make your sex life better is imperative.

Lube not only helps decrease pain during intercourse.  It also enhances pleasure and makes sex safer.

Scientific Proof 1: Lube Can Help Women Orgasm

Using a lubricant makes it easier to orgasm.  Sex lube makes women’s and men’s genitals more erotically sensitive.   

Scientific Proof 2: Lube Can Increase Arousal For Women

Sexual arousal is a MUST to enjoy sex fully.  Using a lube can help enhance arousal.  Get you in the mood and help you enjoy sex fully. 

Scientific Proof 3: Lube Makes Sex More Comfortable (And Reduces Pain)

 Lube makes sex more comfortable.  Eliminate dryness and discomfort. Make penetration easier and more comfortable.

As you see from the science, lube DOES make sex better. But, there’s an issue…

The issue is that most people don't use lube...

Often, women think of sex lube only being used for post-menopausal women.   

Younger women and even men feel they do not need lubrication.  There’s a feeling of embarrassment attached to using lube. 

  • Perceptions varied by age group. Women in their forties reported a  more positive perception of lubricants than women under the age of 30.  

Some people stay away from sex lube because of the historical use of toxic ingredients.  Ensure your lube is made of all-natural ingredients.  

A study was conducted including 2,451 women within the age of 18 to 68 concludes more women found sex more pleasurable when using lube.

According to the 2012 National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior:

  • 58.3% of women used lubricant during intercourse 
  • 49.6% of women used lubricant during sexual play

70 percent of men have used lube, with 25.4 percent using it in the last month.

Avoid toxic ingredients in your lube

You want to ensure the ingredients in your lube are safe. 

Sex lube can be used for intercourse and oral sex.  Knowing that your lube is being absorbed in your bloodstream and possibly ingested, you want to avoid toxic ingredients.  

Look for minimum and natural ingredients for your sex lube.  

Think of the ingredients for your sex lube like you would for ingredients in your food. 

Ingredients such as the following are good ingredients:

  • Organic coconut oil
  • Sunflower seed oil
  • Almond oil

You want to avoid ingredients such as:

  • Sodium Hydroxide
  • Artificial Aromas
  • Silicone 

How to use sex lube to make sex MUCH better

Sex lube can help with dryness during sex.  Eliminating dryness will help ease pain and aid in intensifying sensation and pleasure. 

Lube also helps in masturbation.  It will help with the discomfort of friction when you begin self-pleasure until you are fully aroused. 

Oral sex is another time to use lube.  According to Gina Ogden, PhD, author of The Return of Desire when performing oral sex on your male partner, lube helps provide enough wetness to keep your jaws from getting tired.  

By applying a small amount of sex lube to you and your partner’s body, you can change your entire sex life.


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