The Best Lube For Sex - Your Guide With Top 5 Factors To Think About

Adding lube during sex not only helps keep everything wet, but it also heightens sexual sensations leading to euphoric orgasms.   

For women diagnosed with endometriosis or experiencing menopause, introducing lube for sex can reduce pain, increase moisture while intensifying ecstasy.   

There are literally thousands of lubes on the market so how do you know what is the best lube for sex?

This guide will help you determine which lube is the best for your sex life.

1. Avoiding Chemicals That Have Been Known To Cause Cancer, Affect Reproduction, and More

Not all lube is created equally!

Some lubricants are crammed with harmful chemicals such as glycerin, propylene glycol, benzocaine, parabens, and sodium hydroxide.

These ingredients sound like they should be in a Ph.D. thesis rather than a personal care product.

In addition to unpronounceable names, these ingredients contain chemicals that have been linked to UTIs, infections and in some cases are known to cause tumors in small animals

Women with endometriosis shouldn’t use products that may cause additional tissue growth or affect the reproductive system so avoid lubes with harmful chemicals is a must!  

You Want Ingredients That Nourish And Promote Healing

The vaginal skin is more absorbent than the rest of your skin. Any product used in the vagina will be rapidly absorbed and deposited into the bloodstream. 

To ensure only healthy things are absorbed into your body, choose a natural lube such as Chiavaye which not only nourishes the vagina it also promotes healing. 

Chiavaye’s personal lubricant contains 6 all-natural ingredients to help retain moisture, reduce inflammation, relieve pelvic pain, nourish and hydrate vaginal skin as well as restore cells.

2. How The Lube Feels

Using lube during sex increases lubrication (which alleviates pain), allowing women to fully enjoy the sensations of sex.  

Lube should never feel slimy, goopy or sticky. These are not sexy textures! A good lube is smooth and silky. 

When choosing a lube for sex think of it like any other skincare product. You want a product that is light, clean, smooth and absorbent. 

3. How Long It Lasts

Lube is designed to last a while, especially if you are using an oil-based lube, so no need to reapply every two minutes.  

Think of lube like spices. Some people prefer a little. Some prefer a lot. It’s a matter of personal taste and pleasure. 

If you are new to using lube for sex start out with a small amount, then reapply as needed. There is no such thing as too much lube, so experiment and see how much feels best. 

Using an oil-based lube like Chiavaye is easy to clean up. So, you can enjoy lots of lube without ruining the sheets, couch, seat in the car, rugs or blankets.  

4. What You’re Using The Lube For

It is important to think about the type of sex you are having when choosing a lube.  

Does it need to be edible? You may think flavored lubes are fun, but they contain artificial flavors, chemicals, and perfumes which can cause irritations and infections.

The best choice for an edible lube is one made with all-natural ingredients.   

Are you using it for anal sex? The anus is not self-lubricating like the vagina, so lube is a MUST to avoid injury and enjoy anal sex. For anal, the more lube the better. 

Avoid numbing or desensitizing lube, it can lead to extreme pain and tearing because you won’t be able to feel any discomfort until it’s too late. 

Using lube with sex toys helps you reach an intense climax quicker. Silicone is silicone-soluble which means silicone lube will break down and deteriorate silicone toys. 

If you are using silicone sex toys opt for an oil-based lube to keep your toys in prime condition.    

Adding a bit of lube in the tip of the condom prior to putting it on creates friction, enhancing his experience. But just a drop, too much lube can cause the condom to slip defeating the purpose of using it in the first place.

Oil-based lubes weaken latex condoms so choose non-latex condoms which are thinner and feel more natural.  

5. Do You Experience Pain? Have Endometriosis? Are Going Through Menopause?

Painful sex is most often a result of a lack of natural lubrication which can lead to dryness, irritation, and tearing.

One out of three menopausal women experience vaginal dryness and nearly half of women suffering from endometriosis experience painful sex.

If you are experiencing pain with sex Chiavaye can help. Chiavaye’s all-natural ingredients nourish vaginal skin, create elasticity and enhances lubrication for mind-blowing, leg-quivering sex.  

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