6 Teas For Endometriosis To Alleviate Pain & Reduce Flare-Ups

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Melissa Thompson, PT, DPT, MTC

Dr. Thompson is board certified and the owner of Louisiana Pelvic Health. Her expertise is in alleviating bladder, bowel, and sexual pain symptoms during pregnancy, postpartum, and throughout a woman's life.



You’re sick and tired of the bloating. Of the nearly debilitating pain that comes with flare-ups. The fact that your endometriosis is always on your mind.

But you’re not interested in taking scary medication that can potentially negatively impact your health.

So, you’re looking into alternative endometriosis treatments that can help you feel better.

And, you’ve found that tea can be SUPER beneficial to help reduce some of your endo symptoms.

This guide shares the top 6 types of tea for endometriosis that’ll have you feeling better.

Best Tea For Endometriosis: Is There One Type Of Tea That Stands Above The Rest?

There’s not one type of tea that’s best for endometriosis.

Different types of tea have different benefits. And not every woman is going to be experiencing the same endometriosis symptoms. Some women may suffer more bloating than others. Some women may have much more painful periods than others.

Because of this, we’ll provide 6 different types of teas that get help target relief for different types of symptoms. 

Home Remedies For Endometriosis Can Start With A “Tea Routine”

Having tea is actually a lovely experience (on top of helping you heal).

Creating a “tea routine” can not only provide physical benefits from the properties of the tea but can have emotional and mental benefits. 

Dedicating a set time (especially in your morning routine) for tea can provide a calming, meditative experience. And it’s been found that stress can worsen endometriosis symptoms. So, by creating a morning routine around tea can boost emotional well-being, which has the potential to reduce endometriosis symptoms. 

So, you’ve got in in your calendar to spend 10 minutes each morning enjoying a cup of tea (without scrolling through Instagram, stressing about the days meetings, etc). But, what sort of tea should you drink?

Scroll down to learn more. 

Tea #1: Chamomile Tea

Why Camomile Tea Is Good For Endometriosis

There are a couple of main reasons why chamomile tea is great for endometriosis symptoms:

1. Can help with menstrual pain: In a recent study, Chamomile was shown to have positive benefits on premenstrual syndrome. 

2. Can reduce endometrial cells: Not only that, but a newer study also found that chamomile tea has the potential to reduce endometrial cells.

3. Can reduce inflammation: Endometriosis symptoms & flare-ups often worsen when inflammation in the body is high. Chamomile tea may be able to help with inflammation.

How To Prepare Chamomile Tea

Besides just throwing a tea bag in some water and letting it steep for 5-6 minutes, you can make a delicious chamomile tea latte (for you women who rely on your Starbucks fix, this can be a cheaper and MUCH healthier option).

The chamomile tea latte recipe is easy to make. Click here to see exactly how to make it.

Just remember to replace the normal milk with your preferred milk alternative (coconut milk would be great with this recipe to give it a sweeter taste.

Tea #2: Green Tea

Why Green Tea Is Good For Endometriosis

1. Anti-angiogenesis properties: Anti what…. Here’s what you need to know: endometriosis is an angiogenesis dependent disorder. Angiogenesis just means that the development of new blood vessels and tissues. Endometriosis growth relies on those new blood vessels and green tea has the ability to help stop that growth.

2. Can fight free radicals and inflammation: Green tea can help stop the growth of free radicals, which are components that can damage your cells and increase inflammation in the body. 

How To Prepare Green Tea

Again, you can easily make green tea by just boiling some water in a tea kettle, pouring it over a tea bag, and letting it steep for 5 or so minutes.

But, there are more exciting ways to take your green tea!
Check out this iced green tea recipe (perfect for a mid-summer day). Just remember to replace the regular milk with almond milk or another alternative.

Tea #3: Ginger Tea


Why Ginger Tea Is Good For Endometriosis

1. Can help reduce pain:  Ginger has certain properties that can fight pain. Endometriosis can be extremely painful and ginger is an all-natural option to help alleviate it.

2. Is proven to reduce inflammation: The component “gingerol” in ginger has been shown to have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help prevent endometriosis flare-ups. 

How To Prepare Ginger Tea

Ginger and lemon go REALLY well together. Instead of just buying boring tea bags, you can prepare a refreshing and light lemon ginger tea recipe. 

Tea #4: Dandelion Tea

Why Dandelion Tea Is Good For Endometriosis

1. Can regulate estrogen levels:  When estrogen levels change dramatically, your endometriosis symptoms can become much worse. Dandelion flowers have estrogen-balancing properties.

2. Can boost your immune system: Dandelion tea has the potential to boost your immune system. A stronger immune system allows your body to properly manage endometriosis symptoms.

How To Prepare Dandelion Tea

Many people really dislike the taste of dandelion tea. It’s quite strong. This dandelion tea with lime recipe makes the dandelion tea much more enjoyable to drink.

Tea #5: Turmeric Tea

Why Turmeric Tea Is Good For Endometriosis

1. Curcumin can reduce inflammation:  Curcumin has proven anti-inflammatory properties that have been shown to be particularly effective for endometriosis-related inflammation.

2. Can reduce pain: Turmeric is starting to be studied in more depth for its anti-pain properties. The research so far is promising.

How To Prepare Turmeric Tea

You may have heard of “golden milk” recently. It’s a recipe that’s made with turmeric that is SUPER yummy. This golden milk recipe is easy to make & allows you to enjoy all the healing properties of turmeric.

Tea #6: Peppermint Tea

Why Peppermint Tea Is Good For Endometriosis

1. Can reduce bloating:  The “endo belly” is a real thing! Peppermint tea can help reduce bloating and the pain associated with severe bloating. 

2. Can reduce stress: As stated earlier in this article, stress can exacerbate endometriosis symptoms. Peppermint tea can help reduce stress and make you feel more relaxed. 

How To Prepare Peppermint Tea

Iced peppermint tea is SOOO refreshing. Check out this iced peppermint tea recipe that you can make on a warm day.

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