How To Use Lube for Sex — And Everything Else in the Bedroom

When it comes to sex, you desire maximum pleasure, right?

But sometimes, a little help is needed. 

Feeling pain and discomfort can kill your sex drive, which can lead to so many other issues. 

Have no fear; lube is here. Say bye-bye to unwanted friction and irritation. 

Continue reading to learn how to properly use lube in the bedroom or anywhere you want to do the deed! Now is the time to enhance your sexual experiences. 

how to use lube during sex

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Is Lube Really Necessary for Sex?

While lube is not always necessary, it can undoubtedly ease discomfort and make sex much more fun. Less irritation and pain can lead to feeling more aroused too!

Lube is a gel or liquid that reduces friction between body parts during penetrative sex or when using sex toys for masturbation or any kind of play you desire.

Did you know there are different types of personal lubricants?

There are four types of lube:

  • Water-based
  • Silicone-based
  • Oil-based
  • Hybrids

But it is crucial to understand not all lubes are created equal.  

Your vagina, and anus, are sensitive areas. You want to keep them healthy and safe. Don’t put any ingredients you don’t feel safe with down there. 

Chiavaye contains no fillers, preservatives, toxic chemicals, or artificial flavors — just six all-natural ingredients:

  • Sunflower Seed Oil 
  • Grapeseed Oil 
  • Coconut Oil 
  • Almond Oil 
  • Evening Primrose Oil; and 
  • Vitamin E

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how to use lube for sex

How To Use Lube During Sex, Foreplay, and Masturbation — And Why You Should

There’s more than one way to apply lube for sex.

Depending on how you decide to get busy, using the right lube will make going all the way feel even more pleasurable. 

Let’s discuss how to get the most out of lube during sex. And yes, you should use it all of the time!

9 of the Best Ways To Use Lube

Everyone should have desires and fantasies, don’t settle for mediocre sex life.

Here are the top nine times you can use lube to add some zest to your sex life

#1: Always for Anal

Lube keeps your anal tissue soft.

Additionally, any anal penetration needs lube, or it will be uncomfortable. Butt play without lube can even be damaging. 

Remember, your butt hole does NOT produce any natural lubrication. It is your job to add lubrication to the mix!

Lube is also helpful for rimming (oral sex for the anus) or any type of play you desire, whether with a finger or sex toy or just massaging the area. 

In a survey of 2000 people, 43% of men and 37% of women reported having anal sex during their life. 

#2: Enhance Hand Jobs and Finger Play

Adding lube when giving a hand job or fingering will reduce friction — making the experience much more enjoyable. 

You can share maximum sensation with your partner when your hands effortlessly glide up and down your partner’s penis. This comfort level can motivate you to try new techniques to amp up your foreplay experience. 

No matter which way you give and receive, remember that there is always a risk of getting an STD from these activities. Always know your partner’s sexual history, so you protect yourself.

#3: Amp-Up Your Dry Humping Sessions 

For many women, dry humping may feel even better than sex due to the pressure they feel from it on their clitoris — the rubbing and stimulation gets them off. Clitoral stimulation can lead to a clitoral climax. 

Fewer than one in five women can climax from only vaginal penetration. 

When going the dry humping route, adding lubrication to the vagina in advance can help avoid discomfort from a sore vulva. Without it, the seams of your pants or underwear can rub against you and make you raw. 

#4: Before You Go Down 

Oral sex can be mighty uncomfortable for both parties if the one giving it has a dry mouth. Adding an edible lube, like Chiavaye, can elevate the experience for everyone involved.

No one should have to rely on only their saliva during oral sex; adding some slippery stuff in the mix helps the tongue move more freely. In addition, add some to your fingers to include a second sensation in the mix. 

#5: Make the Sensitive Bits Slippery

Did you know that a prostate orgasm is a thing for men?

The area between the scrotum and the anus, known as the perineum, is a sensitive area that can help intensify an orgasm or even have its own orgasm. 

Massaging this area from the outside can help enhance sexual activity. Kick it up a notch by inserting a finger, penis, or sex toy into the anus during the massage. 

Use Chiavaye lube for smooth touch on the skin and easy insertion into the anus — it will reduce friction and intensify the sensation. Even if a prostate orgasm doesn’t occur, this stimulation can lead to more pleasure for your man.

You can also rub, tap, or press this spot right before he’s about to ejaculate during oral or penetrative sex to give him even more satisfaction.

Place an order for the best all-natural, chemical-free lube today and try some new techniques during your next sexcapade

how to use lube for sex

#6: An Intercourse Must-Have

Women ‘get wet’ when their vagina is sexually aroused because the increase in blood flow to their genitals creates a swelling in the clitoris and vulva. Because of this, the vagina starts to lubricate itself. 

Yet, this natural lubricant often doesn’t keep them wet enough throughout the entire sexual experience. 

Therefore, applying a small amount of lube before and during intercourse can keep things ready and comfortable, so friction doesn’t impede the encounter before orgasm is reached. 

#7: Drop It in the Condom

Guess what? A few drops of lube inside the condom may increase stimulation for a man. Men often complain that condoms remove some of the sensations that sex gives the penis. Therefore, adding in some lube can help increase sensitivity in this area.   

how to apply lube for sex

#8: Master Your Masturbation

Masturbation is a way to connect to and get comfortable with your own body. Masturbation is normal and healthy and a great release for your body. 

Orgasms make everything better, literally. Take advantage of all the benefits that come from them, and using lube will make the experience even better! 

Research shows that orgasms can help you see improvements in:

  • Heart health
  • Sleep
  • Stress levels
  • Menstrual cramps
  • Pain relief; and 
  • Self-confidence

Whether using hands or sex toys, lube brings more pleasure and makes it easier to reach orgasm.

Additionally, choose a lube that won’t deteriorate your sex toys or irritate your skin. The best option is Chiavaye to help you get off, either solo or with a partner. The key is for you to feel pleasure in any way you desire!

#9: Use It for More Than Just Sex

Lube isn’t just for intercourse. 

How about a sexy massage to get in the mood? 

Or maybe some nipple play or testicle fondling?

Use lube to stimulate all of your sexual erogenous zones. 

5 Tips on How to Use Lube Effectively

Prevent issues before they happen. Use lube the way it was meant to be used so that everyone feels satisfied after their romp in the sheets.

Follow these tips for a positive experience. 

how to use lube effectively

#1: Warm It Up

Cold lube can shock people, causing them to get out of the mood. Remember that your body temperature is usually warmer than the room temperature where the lube is stored. 

Warm up the lube by rubbing it together in clean hands before applying it.

#2: Never Enough for Anal

As we said before, the anus does not self-lubricate, so using lots of lube will make the experience more enjoyable. 

Lube should be applied inside and outside the anus and on the penetrating part, whether it be the finger, penis, toy, or whatever you desire. There is no judging here. The only goal is to feel good.

#3: Use a Lube Launcher

Is this a new one for you? 

A lube launcher is a sexy turkey baster; with this tool, squirt lube high up into the anus or vagina. It is a good idea to use the launcher before even starting foreplay, so you're ready for penetration when the time comes. 

This practice will decrease the friction felt during full penetration. It is beneficial to use when having intercourse with a well-endowed partner. 

#4: Keep It Clean With a Towel

Not sure how much lube to use without making a mess? Placing a towel or blanket down before getting down and dirty will save you from having to strip your sheets for washing after sex.

The good news is that there is a lubricant that won’t stain your clothing or sheets —  Chiavaye!

#5: Reapply as Needed

A marathon sex sesh sounds dreamy. Just remember, lube may need to be reapplied to keep everyone happy. Don’t be afraid to stop and reapply as needed.

Keep the lube close as you get it on; you never know when you need another squirt. 

You Can Count On Chiavaye When the Time Comes To Lube-Up for Sex

It just makes sense to add lube to your sexual routine, whatever that may look like.

Chiavaye is the product you can count on to keep your sexual situation lubricated, so all your movements help you get closer to the big O, not the big Owww. You don’t have to worry about pain and discomfort when you have Chiavaye’s support. 

Everyone deserves to feel bliss, whether single or in a relationship. Try out Chiavaye, the easy-to-use, all-natural personal moisturizer, and lubricant. Reap its benefits on your sensitive parts and use it as a moisturizer on your entire body.

Order Chiavaye today so you can get down to business and enjoy every moment of the experience with confidence and ease. 

how to use lube for sex

The content in this blog is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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